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The illy cafe malang






Hi..i’m back..^^
Long time no blogging again..sorry cz my internship program really take my times T^T

Well..i’ll review Illy Cafe right now..oh, gosh, finally^^ hehe..this is the best cafe with great coffee n snack n cozy place n also reasonable price^^~ so..check this out^^!

I usually come here with my friends, but today just two of us..perfect partner, miss @sarisiregar. .hehe~

This place is in Lai-Lai Supermarket, jln. Bromo no. (i forgot what number of this place, just ask people around there if u get dizzy kkk~) n absolutely it in Malang, East Java^^..its open hours is 09.30-20.30 (i dont know exactly >.<" so pardon me if i wrong). ..

Dont forget to bring ur laptop for using the cafe’s wifi..:) it faster than my dorm kkkkk *xP bad girl* but we usually using our phones kkk..^^

People usually come here to doing their business, dating with gf or bf or just hangout with friends with delicious snack^^

We order like we usually did..baked pasta n baked rice^^ (in bahasa: pasta panggang n nasi panggang),, but today i’m not order my fave hazelnut latte..i choose mangoberry^^~ quite sour but i love it^^~

List what we order:
1. Baked pasta : spinach cheese
2. Baked rice : japanese curry
3. Mangoberry juice
4. Greentea latte
5. Crispy tofu (tahu krispi)
6. Crispy mushroom (jamur krispi)

The pict?oh u can see from my pict above^^

Oh..the rating?hehe I give five star to this cafe!! They have new menu in every month or occasion but the old menu still exist so dont worry to get bored to stop here..^^

Foods/beverages *****

Taste *****

Service ****
(ah..did i give 4 star only? Yupp..unfortunately we cant book place after 5 p.m ~ hm..i dont know why >.<")

Popularity ********** LOL
(i’m serious, this place has big popularity in malang’s citizen, so dont shock if u goin there n got all sits lredy full^^)

Price *****

Place ****
(ah..why i put 4 star only? Cz this place too small i think, but it worth^^)

Feel free to ask the waiter/-ess if u want to ask bout the menus or need something^^ they’re kind n dont eat human kkk^^

Well..see ya later^^/

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Java dancer coffee





saturday night with @sarisiregar n @gita2789 in java dancer coffee.

Menurut ELLE (kalo ga salah tahun 2010), disebutkan kalo kafe ini andalannya piccolo latte n waiter/ess n baristanya ramah..err…saat seorang teman bertanya “apa perbedaan antara Origin coffee Mandailing n Origin Coffee Sumatra?” lalu dijawab waitressnya “Gak tau mbak!”

Nah lho..macam mana ramahnya..1 tahun bisa merubah suatu kafe jadi gini ya..

Lalu..piccolo lattenya juga ga ada di daftar menunya..hmm

Menurut saya, Hazelnut frappe n wamena coffeenya enak. Hot cocoa-nya standart (mnurut teman sih enak). Perlu dicoba juga chezy fries n moz fries..lumayan buat nemenin minum kopi, jamur krispinya masih berasa air didalamnya,mungkin maksudnya biar juicy gitu tapi..~

Sayang, tempat smoking areanya ga dipisah…

Hati2 rame kalo malem minggu hehehe..

Anyway…baristanya cewek power!

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