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welcome back with me!!

long time no see..

sorry i’ve forgot the password haha LOL

i’m back with new editing effect, it’s call bokeh effect!! sounds weird, and what is bokeh anyway??

well, easily we say it with lil effect of lights, just a blur effect from street/vehicle lamps in rianing or in mist.. kinda cute actually, it give some cute and banjak-banjak effect–> shining clearly..uhm, something like that.

if you see my previous post above, there is bahasa on my way ..but now i wanna start in a enlish’s way, not that fluent, just average, hope you’ll understand it..mianhaeyo~ and you see..there will be a LOT korean’s term in my next post. yup!  I in the middle of faint about korean drama and their music! well, sound too much..but one thing i should say: “if you love one of them you’ll love another!believe me!” Because it happens in me!!! okay I’m ELF..not an elf! i’m sone, shawol, kiss me, say A, starship, aff(x)ion too LOL it’s toooo much! *I know hahah*

well months ago i took some pict with my beloved pocket camera, as usual I use my own wardrobe, it’s my style, i make up my self, then edit it myself, and it take a place in my dorm room..yes, all by my self!

check the picts and comment please^^

okay there some picts not took in my took at tugu with all my friends ehe, actually taking a test with tia’s,the pink hijab and chubby cheeks,DSLR..and it’s adoreable awesome!LOL

well keep reading and comment^^ thx anyway


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Posted by on October 26, 2010 in fashion