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DIY Basic tape nail manicure

Allo chingu-ya!!
I’m comeback with modif french manicure using a tape again!!

First of should prepare:


a tape (any size), a top coat, any color of lacquer, pair of scissor n nail lacquer remover..
I used 4 colors nail lacquer from pokari n Oriflame

First step is clean your nails. Cut your tape n stick it at half of your nail or so. Put first color on your nails upto above it. I used the dark pink first.



Remove the tape and color the seconds under the first one. I used light green for the second.

Apply the the top coat for finish it. U can add a glitter lacquer for give bling- bling effect.

Ayeee… Have a try n good luck!!
see yaaa

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DIY tape-style nail art

What a long time not make a post here..^^mianhae~
You know..i had a very bad insomnia kkk~ i dont feel asleep til now (ah..its 00.37 in indonesia) so i play with my tape (an elastic tape… Not the video tape kkk…) n my lacqyer collection..and hereeeee we go!

You should prepare:
a elastic tape (anysize), pair of scissor, 2 different color of lacquers (i using purple n gold from OPI), a top coat, and lacquer remover ~just in case..(liquid or pads)

Yeahhh… First step is coloring your nails with the matt one (i’ m using the purple) and let it dry

Cut your tape 1-2cm and stick it at your first color..make it sure there’s no space for next lacquer to goin through..
You can choose 3 style to stick it:

1. Stick 2 of it from the bottom edge of your nail and cross it at their diagonal ~

2. Cross it like “V” sign:

3. Or make it singke cross at anywhere…

Then color it with next lacquer! I use the gold.

Don’t forget to apply the top coat for…i mean shiny result!^^

And here we areee~ TARAA~

Allright..goin to sleep now^^ hope you enjoy it~ good luck!

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Posted by on September 5, 2012 in daily activities, fashion


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