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DIY Basic tape nail manicure

Allo chingu-ya!!
I’m comeback with modif french manicure using a tape again!!

First of should prepare:


a tape (any size), a top coat, any color of lacquer, pair of scissor n nail lacquer remover..
I used 4 colors nail lacquer from pokari n Oriflame

First step is clean your nails. Cut your tape n stick it at half of your nail or so. Put first color on your nails upto above it. I used the dark pink first.



Remove the tape and color the seconds under the first one. I used light green for the second.

Apply the the top coat for finish it. U can add a glitter lacquer for give bling- bling effect.

Ayeee… Have a try n good luck!!
see yaaa

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DIY tape-style nail art

What a long time not make a post here..^^mianhae~
You know..i had a very bad insomnia kkk~ i dont feel asleep til now (ah..its 00.37 in indonesia) so i play with my tape (an elastic tape… Not the video tape kkk…) n my lacqyer collection..and hereeeee we go!

You should prepare:
a elastic tape (anysize), pair of scissor, 2 different color of lacquers (i using purple n gold from OPI), a top coat, and lacquer remover ~just in case..(liquid or pads)

Yeahhh… First step is coloring your nails with the matt one (i’ m using the purple) and let it dry

Cut your tape 1-2cm and stick it at your first color..make it sure there’s no space for next lacquer to goin through..
You can choose 3 style to stick it:

1. Stick 2 of it from the bottom edge of your nail and cross it at their diagonal ~

2. Cross it like “V” sign:

3. Or make it singke cross at anywhere…

Then color it with next lacquer! I use the gold.

Don’t forget to apply the top coat for…i mean shiny result!^^

And here we areee~ TARAA~

Allright..goin to sleep now^^ hope you enjoy it~ good luck!

*please leave your comment, thank you πŸ™‚ :*

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The legipait




I’m back grom long long looooooong hybernation~~ kkk..

Today i’m gonna show you the newest cafe in malang.. Actually its not newest one, it just established 3 months ago πŸ˜€

Here~.. “LEGIPAIT”, in javanese means “sweet” and “bitter“…

Open starting 3 pm till 1 am…
It just 5 minutes from RSSA Saiful Anwar. .at pattimura street..

Recommended menus in here are:

1. Chocolate pancake w/ ice cream
2. Naga tea
3. Cinnamon tea (ice/hot)
4. Cheese omelette w/ sausages
5. Waffle w/ choco n ice cream
6. Affrogato (ice cream+ coffee)
7. Milkshake chocolate
8. Hot chocolate

Their place like a vintage house in java.. A loji house.. Its good for take some picts hehe~
Our rate:

Taste : *****************
Place: **** (feels like home~)
Price : ***** (about 8k- 12k IDR)
Service : *****

Be sure to visit this place!!!!

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Mayday, I’m In Love :)

it’s a song from D’cinnamons but it represent my heart now hehe..

here’s the lyrics πŸ˜€

D’cinnamons – Mayday, I’m in Love

i can’t eat event i want to
i can’ sleep,what’s wrong with me
i can’t think,[maybe you’re in love]
yes maybe i’m in love

i can’t tap even i want too
i can’t slide,what’s wrong with me
i can’t strum,[maybe you’re in love]
yes maybe i’m in love

mayday,mayday,i need some help !!!
it feels burning inside of my head !
don’t look at me,
don’t stare at me & don’t laugh
please(/don’t)stop me
’cause i think i’m in love

i can’t move,even i wat to
can’t hide it,[what’s wrong with you?]
couldn’t wait no longer!,
[maybe you’re in love]yes i think i’m in love!

my mind is full of you
get out!get out of my head!
but wait…i don’t really mean it
come back!come back!
God!what’swrong with me?


Girls, but if they said “I’m busy” or “later” that means he won’t contact you don’t wait for him, just goodbye n start another new adventure^^


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Nothing to do ep 2: flowery nail art










Hey..i’m back again with nail art..
Its name is “flowery nail art” or “pink flower”..
Haha..kinda girly or childish?lol

Ok..let’s start it!

First of all, you should preparing 3 colors of nail polish..
a) white
b)transparent pink

You should prepare a pencil. Not the sharp one please. It will use for make the petals. And just in case your applying too much nail polish, you should prepare the aceton n some cottonbuds too. step is applying the magenta first. Don’t forget to apply basecoat before applying the nail polish. Then..let it dry.

You may fail in this step, so i suggest you to try in a paper first. So, put some white on your nail,make it like a little spot or a dot. Then push the dot from itΒ  center to outer dot with pencil,it’ll make a pointy one. Do it for next 3 dot. It’ll look like a flower’s petal. Let them dry.

Finish them with topcoat, i do not have a top coat so i using my transparent pink to cover it. If you dont have to, you may using another transparent nail polish to finish it.let them dry.

Voila! There are flower in your nail! kinda cute for going to the beach or other summer activity..

Thx for visit my blog..glad if you leave comment n advice for me..
See ya next time^^

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Nothing to do ep 1: strawberry nail art





Hey there..back with me again…
Today i nothing to do again..and i decided to make nail art..and it strawberry!
As u can see..there only 3 basic step to do..

You should prepare some nail polish, i using magenta, light green and white one. If you have a base coat n a top coat,it must be good.
Besides the nail polish u should have a bobbypins, cottonbuds, n nail polish remover..just in case if ur paint goin too much..

U should clean up ur nail. No adding some oil or what. It can make the nailpolish hard to stick in ur nails. #mtbadgrammar mianhae..
Then, u should paint the magenta first at whole ur nail..oh almost forgot, if you have tge base coat, u should wear it first before applying the magenta.

Next, applying tge light green or green, up to you dear.. On ur tip finger nail..anr u got ut look like in the pict “step 2”

Last, using the bobbypin, just applying with the round side not the sharp edges, we will dotting ur nail with the white one. If u have the dotting tool you can use it, if not u can using the bobbypin. Dotting only in the magenta area. If u dont have white u cab choose the black one.

U can applying the top coats now..after those paint already dry of course..
If there us too much splatter around ur nail bed or cuticle please using the cottonbud n apply ut gently with nail remover. Be carefull u can removing all if u careless.

Well it’s done..
Strawberry nail art already finished!
See ya next time!!:-D

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gettin’ addicted with kpop!!

hello there, this me again πŸ˜€

well, i gettin addicted with those korean thing πŸ˜€ esp. their hallyu wave lol. there’s a new group, which come from SISTAR’s agency, B1A4,,

well, i’ll talk bout them lil bit (lol my grammar soo baaad :p)

Their member are;

I can’t upload the picts here -_-‘
Aww..but u can search them at youtube..AWsome n cute overload..then sont stay away from your tissue box!
And my favorite is gongchan the maknae..definitely gorjeassss..his eyea! omg! Am i a noona-fan-filia?aigoo..but he’s too arffdorBle!

N jiyoung kinda look like eunhyuk from sj!omg..nosebleeding* okay i’m too much πŸ˜‰

Well this is it πŸ˜‰ bye c ya next time!

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