The illy cafe malang






Hi..i’m back..^^
Long time no blogging again..sorry cz my internship program really take my times T^T

Well..i’ll review Illy Cafe right now..oh, gosh, finally^^ hehe..this is the best cafe with great coffee n snack n cozy place n also reasonable price^^~ so..check this out^^!

I usually come here with my friends, but today just two of us..perfect partner, miss @sarisiregar. .hehe~

This place is in Lai-Lai Supermarket, jln. Bromo no. (i forgot what number of this place, just ask people around there if u get dizzy kkk~) n absolutely it in Malang, East Java^^..its open hours is 09.30-20.30 (i dont know exactly >.<" so pardon me if i wrong). ..

Dont forget to bring ur laptop for using the cafe’s wifi..:) it faster than my dorm kkkkk *xP bad girl* but we usually using our phones kkk..^^

People usually come here to doing their business, dating with gf or bf or just hangout with friends with delicious snack^^

We order like we usually did..baked pasta n baked rice^^ (in bahasa: pasta panggang n nasi panggang),, but today i’m not order my fave hazelnut latte..i choose mangoberry^^~ quite sour but i love it^^~

List what we order:
1. Baked pasta : spinach cheese
2. Baked rice : japanese curry
3. Mangoberry juice
4. Greentea latte
5. Crispy tofu (tahu krispi)
6. Crispy mushroom (jamur krispi)

The pict?oh u can see from my pict above^^

Oh..the rating?hehe I give five star to this cafe!! They have new menu in every month or occasion but the old menu still exist so dont worry to get bored to stop here..^^

Foods/beverages *****

Taste *****

Service ****
(ah..did i give 4 star only? Yupp..unfortunately we cant book place after 5 p.m ~ hm..i dont know why >.<")

Popularity ********** LOL
(i’m serious, this place has big popularity in malang’s citizen, so dont shock if u goin there n got all sits lredy full^^)

Price *****

Place ****
(ah..why i put 4 star only? Cz this place too small i think, but it worth^^)

Feel free to ask the waiter/-ess if u want to ask bout the menus or need something^^ they’re kind n dont eat human kkk^^

Well..see ya later^^/

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