gettin’ addicted with kpop!!

hello there, this me again 😀

well, i gettin addicted with those korean thing 😀 esp. their hallyu wave lol. there’s a new group, which come from SISTAR’s agency, B1A4,,

well, i’ll talk bout them lil bit (lol my grammar soo baaad :p)

Their member are;

I can’t upload the picts here -_-‘
Aww..but u can search them at youtube..AWsome n cute overload..then sont stay away from your tissue box!
And my favorite is gongchan the maknae..definitely gorjeassss..his eyea! omg! Am i a noona-fan-filia?aigoo..but he’s too arffdorBle!

N jiyoung kinda look like eunhyuk from sj!omg..nosebleeding* okay i’m too much 😉

Well this is it 😉 bye c ya next time!

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