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Nothing to do ep 1: strawberry nail art





Hey there..back with me again…
Today i nothing to do again..and i decided to make nail art..and it strawberry!
As u can see..there only 3 basic step to do..

You should prepare some nail polish, i using magenta, light green and white one. If you have a base coat n a top coat,it must be good.
Besides the nail polish u should have a bobbypins, cottonbuds, n nail polish remover..just in case if ur paint goin too much..

U should clean up ur nail. No adding some oil or what. It can make the nailpolish hard to stick in ur nails. #mtbadgrammar mianhae..
Then, u should paint the magenta first at whole ur nail..oh almost forgot, if you have tge base coat, u should wear it first before applying the magenta.

Next, applying tge light green or green, up to you dear.. On ur tip finger nail..anr u got ut look like in the pict “step 2”

Last, using the bobbypin, just applying with the round side not the sharp edges, we will dotting ur nail with the white one. If u have the dotting tool you can use it, if not u can using the bobbypin. Dotting only in the magenta area. If u dont have white u cab choose the black one.

U can applying the top coats now..after those paint already dry of course..
If there us too much splatter around ur nail bed or cuticle please using the cottonbud n apply ut gently with nail remover. Be carefull u can removing all if u careless.

Well it’s done..
Strawberry nail art already finished!
See ya next time!!:-D

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Holiday is over


Hey there..i’m back..allright to malang..n i’m already touchdown waiting room at spinggan…
Jt 261 lion air..nothing to do..otthokae? Rr…munvhing french fries..
Ah already homesick T.T i wanna hug my mommy…ok it kinda childish but it sure does! :’-(
Well nothing to doo…

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gettin’ addicted with kpop!!

hello there, this me again 😀

well, i gettin addicted with those korean thing 😀 esp. their hallyu wave lol. there’s a new group, which come from SISTAR’s agency, B1A4,,

well, i’ll talk bout them lil bit (lol my grammar soo baaad :p)

Their member are;

I can’t upload the picts here -_-‘
Aww..but u can search them at youtube..AWsome n cute overload..then sont stay away from your tissue box!
And my favorite is gongchan the maknae..definitely gorjeassss..his eyea! omg! Am i a noona-fan-filia?aigoo..but he’s too arffdorBle!

N jiyoung kinda look like eunhyuk from sj!omg..nosebleeding* okay i’m too much 😉

Well this is it 😉 bye c ya next time!

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Finally..thx 2 @miamissmango @sarisiregar @rads_ball @praniti... on Twitpic

yapp…my hardcover version from final assignment!! yeiy!

ah cape pake bahasa inggris, take a rest dulu deh..

lagi dugeun2 nunggu publishnya part 2 dari saranghae jagiya nih >,<

well stay healthy then 😀

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