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summer in winter

It’s already winter season but actually it’s trully hot in here..hahah it’s not another nely’s song or wondergirl’s^^

I’ve just visit hallyu explosion this evening. i think there a lot of kpop fandom and it should be a heaven for us, but what? i found bunch of emptiness at there. they’ve said that event will be ended in 20.00 but in 17.00 it already empty. there’s only left a stage with 3 MC which one of them to over acting,yes it’s surely does!,bunch of fandom and 1 hanbok studio. i feel happy first but ended in dissapointed feel again, the studio already closed, but wait, the committee stil can get some photoes with wearing the hanbok? wadda-what!

Then, i with mia stand over behind all those fandom and watch some MV in LCD screen, starts with SUJU-M – Me, 2pm, and many more. but what is it, jinja~ it’s just look like a high school event! OMO! i feel guilty for throw away my money, the ticket is about Rp 20,000 (equal as $2) not much, but it still…(-_-‘)

Then some fans scream aloud when their idol appears. Aishh..jinja..they’re rolling,screaming,crying aaaahhh..too over i think..sorry but i think that ONLY their MV!its become ok if you meet them!

Still getting dissapointed too when i saw no soshi at there or any sone..awww..kinda heartache. and one of the committe said, the soshi/sone has shwon at first of the day with their Run Devil Run,Hoot and other…aish..jinja..

there only left MUCH of ELF, CASSIE, a bunch of SHAWOL and 2am,2pm, and other JYP’s artist fandom..wondering, is it any SAY A at there..??

I didn’t take any pict, it seem useless..sorry ..^^

bye,seyanekstaim! 😡


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again and again…^^

annyeong everybody.. what a long time didn’t bloging again *mianhe for my english*

i know i should typing some, but feel so lazy now, and then i paste it from my journal at deviantart kekeke…have a good read!

Such a shivering month in here.. no, it’s not a winter with snow, but it winter with rain.. hahaha i live in country that always get much sunlight and a lot of rain..^^ i hope you didnt get so boring.. i have to finish my final assignment, but i have no energy *read:will* to touch it lol, it kinda make me scary every morning…but i know i should do it ASAP! cz i should chasing the yudisium at next march.. ahhh~long way to be a good doctor..really, it’s trully tired.. eh?a doctor? lol yeah i’m a medical student, but i dont know what will happen in my future..losing much confident after seeing around me, there are a lot of my friend that look-so-good to be the next doctor tough..~ i’ve already get exam for micros and public health yesterday, and i feel not we always say that if already doin something right? *bow, my english so bad, i knew it* actually yesterday til now i get common flu and the free ill, my monthly illness: sinusitis..OMO it’s doesn’t feel good! i feel like carry a lot of gallons in my face especially in nose. jinja.. ah, if you wanna seeing my blog please visit [link] i glad to see you there and also giving a some comments, sorry for annoying your message board^^ i’ve too much talking anyway..then see u next time^^

* Mood: Joy * Listening to: Need U baby-T-blue * Reading: final assignment * Watching: romantic island * Eating: demacoline(drugs for common flu and sinusitis) * Drinking: water

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