The thing tickle my think and wink like a ticks..rr


i’m back!

i’m in bad mood actually, but i keep pretend it.

it happens because some evil-being-person even i am not recognize that she is my friend. keep bullying everybody. is she think she’s a GOD? wtf..~sorry for being mean in this post, but in max cont’d where can’t hold it on could we bent down to 7 people who didn’t have any dominance in our batch, even all ppl in my batch hate them. arrrww…i’m gonna bite someone! actually i feel sorry to her, she didn’t have a friend for REAL, the 6 ones? oh, they got brainwash maybe, they actually a good girl who always neat (but sometimes look nerd too) then voila! i don;t know what she’s did! they’re changed! ALL of them! ah~ i don’t wanna continue it, they all make me feel sick. rr…


allright i forget to explain about the photoes in previous post.

ok then, start!!

firstly, there a pict from my friends, yes, it’s not belongs to me, my friend mia took it. it take a place on tugu, malang, indonesia, we just wanna took some photoes, we (4 girls) goin n searching some sites to doin what we want lol. Then here we are, we at usually I love to arranged they (the pose or the wardrobe lol), then i ask them to take some sleep poses, actually there a lot photoes but i didn’t post it here,then I edited them. this day i’ve infected by bokeh effect then i puts some in them. yeah, voila! me n tia listen then music with slim  earphone 😀

next, in some picts I wear my skirt (yes, it is skirt!). it’s too long, my mom bought it in abu dhabi, i didn’t know, are their leg that long?? just wanna show some style and at least i have wear it (my mom will agry if she see that what she bought never i wear)-________-

except the first photo,  I took it by my self.. yes i wear make up my self, and i found that it unsimetris at all..then i put my bangs n covering half my

ok, actually i still wanna nag in here, but……i feel sleep already -______________- mianhae..

ok then goodbye, love ya all^^

ah, one more photo, i took it with some friends, it my 3rd floor of my house, ah it’s the balcony actually (>,<) took when eid day..I’m so happy because, as long as I life in my hometown (18-19 years) only few friends that have came to my place. and I really hoping that they didn’t pick me as their friends just because my parents, well, love ya my friends^^

good nite all~

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