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And the ticks will became wrinkle wrinkle lil ticks..

howdy!! i’m back shinguu^^

it’s KKN time! another survey, it just raining all day..well we catch wet already  LOL Both of us didn’t bring any rain coat and you know 😀

tomorrow its aaaaaa…discussion time and i hate it ahaha i just because of ‘the princess’ of PDA..jerk we will see what she gonna do tomorrow hahah actually nothin particular today just wanna post somethin 😀

if you love kpop music or other please visit my deviantart at

huh?wonder what the title means?

oh..that’s just a term for the princess and her slave (ah, slave heard too mean or i should change it to butler?)

swinging around me and cannot control their anger..omo! be carefull dear, your wrinkle will come fast!



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The thing tickle my think and wink like a ticks..rr


i’m back!

i’m in bad mood actually, but i keep pretend it.

it happens because some evil-being-person even i am not recognize that she is my friend. keep bullying everybody. is she think she’s a GOD? wtf..~sorry for being mean in this post, but in max cont’d where can’t hold it on could we bent down to 7 people who didn’t have any dominance in our batch, even all ppl in my batch hate them. arrrww…i’m gonna bite someone! actually i feel sorry to her, she didn’t have a friend for REAL, the 6 ones? oh, they got brainwash maybe, they actually a good girl who always neat (but sometimes look nerd too) then voila! i don;t know what she’s did! they’re changed! ALL of them! ah~ i don’t wanna continue it, they all make me feel sick. rr…


allright i forget to explain about the photoes in previous post.

ok then, start!!

firstly, there a pict from my friends, yes, it’s not belongs to me, my friend mia took it. it take a place on tugu, malang, indonesia, we just wanna took some photoes, we (4 girls) goin n searching some sites to doin what we want lol. Then here we are, we at usually I love to arranged they (the pose or the wardrobe lol), then i ask them to take some sleep poses, actually there a lot photoes but i didn’t post it here,then I edited them. this day i’ve infected by bokeh effect then i puts some in them. yeah, voila! me n tia listen then music with slim  earphone 😀

next, in some picts I wear my skirt (yes, it is skirt!). it’s too long, my mom bought it in abu dhabi, i didn’t know, are their leg that long?? just wanna show some style and at least i have wear it (my mom will agry if she see that what she bought never i wear)-________-

except the first photo,  I took it by my self.. yes i wear make up my self, and i found that it unsimetris at all..then i put my bangs n covering half my

ok, actually i still wanna nag in here, but……i feel sleep already -______________- mianhae..

ok then goodbye, love ya all^^

ah, one more photo, i took it with some friends, it my 3rd floor of my house, ah it’s the balcony actually (>,<) took when eid day..I’m so happy because, as long as I life in my hometown (18-19 years) only few friends that have came to my place. and I really hoping that they didn’t pick me as their friends just because my parents, well, love ya my friends^^

good nite all~

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welcome back with me!!

long time no see..

sorry i’ve forgot the password haha LOL

i’m back with new editing effect, it’s call bokeh effect!! sounds weird, and what is bokeh anyway??

well, easily we say it with lil effect of lights, just a blur effect from street/vehicle lamps in rianing or in mist.. kinda cute actually, it give some cute and banjak-banjak effect–> shining clearly..uhm, something like that.

if you see my previous post above, there is bahasa on my way ..but now i wanna start in a enlish’s way, not that fluent, just average, hope you’ll understand it..mianhaeyo~ and you see..there will be a LOT korean’s term in my next post. yup!  I in the middle of faint about korean drama and their music! well, sound too much..but one thing i should say: “if you love one of them you’ll love another!believe me!” Because it happens in me!!! okay I’m ELF..not an elf! i’m sone, shawol, kiss me, say A, starship, aff(x)ion too LOL it’s toooo much! *I know hahah*

well months ago i took some pict with my beloved pocket camera, as usual I use my own wardrobe, it’s my style, i make up my self, then edit it myself, and it take a place in my dorm room..yes, all by my self!

check the picts and comment please^^

okay there some picts not took in my took at tugu with all my friends ehe, actually taking a test with tia’s,the pink hijab and chubby cheeks,DSLR..and it’s adoreable awesome!LOL

well keep reading and comment^^ thx anyway


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